dye sublimation branding services

Looking to print your high quality photo or image onto a polyester shirt or other specially coated ceramic?  Lucky for you, Hookfish Branding has one of the largest Dye-Sublimation apparel printers in the Mountain West.  In certain circumstances, Dye-Sublimation Printing can be a better option for you over Screen Printing.   Using our Dye-Sublimation process allows high quality photos, images or designs to print onto certain types of light colored garments (such as polyester) and other special ceramic objects in one solid image, rather than being slightly pixilated in the Screen Printing process.  During the Dye-Sublimation process, we use a heat press to transfer your image or design onto your desired piece of apparel which creates a permanent imprint.  This allows high quality images, designs and photos to print more clearly in an unlimited amount of colors, and provides you with the most durable type of print that will last as long as whatever objects on which your image is applied.

For more information, or to request a quote, please contact info@hookfishbranding.com.